Our Services

“Let us help you to market your products on Internet” we say as CMARK, Your Casual Marketing Partner in Internet.

We are here for individuals and small business with our digital toolkit and design thinking approach to setup or port their business onto Internet.

Research & Discovery

Our Approach

We use your website as your central hub. Social media, email marketing channels would be planned according to this. Our approach is tailored according to your business needs. We analyze which Internet tools should be utilized for your business, with you.


Every new seed of Internet business have different needs. We analyze your business needs to offer the right solution for you and your customer


Design is not limited to visual design. Design without planning is just decoration. Steps needs to be designed, the experience and touchpoints should be designed. 

Operational Support

Internet operation is an real world operation, it needs periodical support. We offer operational support regarding to Infrastructure, preparations, before sales, after sales ,customer journey.

Approach for Different Needs

4 Steps


1- Analysis


2- Setup


3- Testing


4- Support and Optimize

Some Of Our Projects


Delicious almond flavours. Classy boxes ROYALMOND website is a work for an e-commerce categories of ours.


Our inhouse content marketing project where we generate handmade content and test different digital marketing trial and errors.

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