We humbly salute those who

Dare Chasing Dreams

We are CM\RK. A Casual Marketing Studio.
We are here to be part of your Internet episode of your daring journey.

Our Casual Advices

Don't loose your focus

You need website but you don’t have to do it yourself. The only hat you should wear is the business owner hat. Your business need to survive. Focus on building your business.

Don't think Visual Design is everything

Good design doesn’t bring customers. Good product does. No design can save shitty product.

Don't Forget

This should be ongoing operation and optimization. Optimize your site, optimize your process, optimize your identity. Keep walking.

And Start With…

A Good Offer

Offar a good product or Service that your customer will love


Clean & Honest Communication

Communicate clearly with your customer/consumer and tell upfront everything.

Trial And Error Steps

Try different things methods. Break them. There is no one rule fits to all business. Don’t be hard on your self.

Our Latest Work

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Start building your dream
Even if it is small!

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