Building a Brand

Case Study
Royalmond DESSERT sHOP


Royalmond needed to reach its target customers without any psychical shop. So we start to build a digital brand.


WordPress Website
WooCommerce E-commerce


Web Design
Social Media Consultancy
iPhoneography Consultancy
Facebook Google Ads
Operation Support
Infrastructure Maintenance
Campaign Landing pages


We needed to examine what kind of identity we needed to build..

Royalmond products are gourmet products. So they target those who prefers handmade and quality sweets.

We built a brand identity method which we called “Chocolate method”. 

Design Side of Chocolate Method

Chocolate brown is a color which carries a solemnity. So we use mainly solemn colours to build the site. The vivid colours are used where we need to get atttention

User Testing

We needed to test how website was used.
We test with heatmaps, A/B tests, feedback forms.

Communication Side of Chocolate Method

Communication part of chocolate method inspired form how chocolate communicate with us. After we eat chocolate, it brings joy happines and uplifts. It makes us relaxed. Yes scientifically proven. (Theobromine baby!)



Minimal Design

Responsive Design


Continous Improvement

Do you put on hold your life? Just like psychical life, we continually checking site if there is an awkward, erroneous section

Support and maintenance

We are also responsible for uptime, malware, backup and other security process. The biggest mistake is done by business owners is changing focus and mindset and skill set. We have limited time. So hone your business skills and let us handle Web site part.


To reach target users, we use Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Instagram ads..

At the end we are very happy for working in such a procect where we touch every touchpoint.

Final words

The beginning is not hard actually. What makes is hard is abundance of choices and trying to do too many things at the same time and misthinking that if there was no chance a step backward.

No, unlike psychical world, you can step back, change something and you can try again.

The most important thing is perseverance.

Put a pebble, put a stone, put a brick. Even small even big. But put something everyday. They don’t need to see it. It is ok if you know it.

The numbers

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  • Conversion Rate – 90%
  • Return Users – 77%
  • Social Following – 85%


Comm channels

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Other Recent Works
Blogs. Portfolios. Individiuals. Firms.

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